About Us

Associates, businesses and olive manufacturers make up Unasco, the National Union of Olive Growers. Together with the Organizations of Olive Producers (OP), we are in 11 regions of Italy, situated in the most preferred areas for olive cultivation.

olive manufacturersBetween olive producers, millers, packagers and stockers, there are 170.000 members who make up our supply chain, all of whom use the system of certified chain traceability.

Unasco’s main goal is to give back and reaffirm the origin of Italian extra virgin olive oil, its connection with the soil, and the assurance of quality. Our strong point is symbolized in our ability to cooperate, enhance and evolve through sharing general knowledge and experiences. It is this reason why we choose to organize our work in a coherent chain like fashion.

If an olive producer makes good olive oil but lacks the space to store it, the Union of many producers, who respect and comply with the general rules, can actively communicate with merchants and ensure of the quality of its own extra virgin olive oil.