Transparency: each actor in the supply chain maintains the quality of the product monitoring all the fundamental steps and procedures. It is crucial that the quality of the olives is of high standard, as it is directly connected with the quality of the final product. The 100% Italian product certification responds to the consumers’ demands for transparency and quells any questions which may doubt the
assumption of responsibility behind the product.

Security and traceabilitySecurity and traceability: the adoption of the chain’s traceability system, certified by Agricert, with accordance to regulation UNI EN 22005:08, and with respect to sanitation requirements by associated organizations, guarantees the security and healthiness of the extra virgin olive oil produced. From the field to the dining table, all the main production steps are retraceable.

It would be amazing to virtually travel through the olive oil cultivation process, seeing crushers and their transformation methods, and being able to understand the chemical / physical characteristics of the guaranteed quality and the origins of extra virgin olive oil products.

Respect of the environment: one of the essential parts of Unasco’s policy is thevalorization of a production system which is compatible with the environment.

The system developed is characterized by the following aspects:
• It reduces and avoids the use of plant protection products, to minimize the environmental impact deriving from agricultural activity;
• It promotes the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility and the biological control of adversity;
• It enhances the social utility of agriculture in maintaining the territory.