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Software testing is the most crucial in website or software development process. The main aim of testing is to find faults and errors in the software. Testing should start and planned at an early stage and should be based on the client’s requirements. The testing process is executed by a person known as a tester or a group of testers. There are various testing methods depending on the software tester, the testing can be of either structural or functional features of a software Software testing can be categorized in the below methods.

More on the software testing methods is the unit testing. Unit testing being the basic testing of a software is done to identify the syntax and the logic errors in a program and the codes that make the program. The testing can be entrusted to an organization or a single tester. More info on unit testing an error can be corrected before moving to the next stage. Ensure that all errors are eliminated in the unit testing stage.

Integration testing is the next category of testing since the tested units are grouped together to perform a particular function. Errors not identified in the unit testing can be identified in the integration testing. Every unit should compatible to the other and also be able to work together as a group of units. System testing is the testing of the complete system on the user’s computer. How a software operates is the main test done in the system testing category of methods of software testing.

Interface testing is a method that can be used to categorize the basic types of testing. Users are asked on their opinion about the interface of the software and whether they can click the buttons in the interface. This interface should always be simple to understand and use and the interface of a software should be attractive and maybe used even to market the software developer. Acceptance testing is checking whether the software is appreciated by the users and the owners of the company. Managers should give reviews about the new software installed in their systems and ask for support where the are unable to understand.

Operation testing is for genuinely assure that the system functions as required by the users. Loading jobs on the computer and processing them with the software is one of the ways of checking whether the performance meets the users requirements. Recovery testing should be done in order to reduce the cost of maintenance of a software and should be done after all testing is done. Compatibility testing can be done either during the system testing or during the system installation phase. In conclusion I would advise both people who learn about testing and professional testers to use all the above testing categories when testing a software.